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Business payments that pay you back.


BluePenguin transforms AP

constructed by payment pioneers

Founded in 2016, BluePenguin is dedicated to bringing the elegance of digital payment solutions to the business back office. Whether it’s by check, ACH or card, too many businesses pay and get paid in ways that take too much work. The truth is, payments shouldn’t be any work at all – they should just happen.


Simply put, we believe in frictionless business-to-business commerce.

Get Paid by Paying your Bills

We turn fast, secure digital payments into a funding stream that comes back to you.

Pay Invoices with a Click

Review, approve and pay invoices all within your payables or ERP system.

Never Worry about How to Pay

We convert payments into virtual card or fast electronic transfers that work anywhere, anytime.

Send and Receive Bills Digitally

We integrate directly into your accounts payable or ERP systems – or you can use ours, it’s a snap.

Smart Sourcing

Drive better buying decisions and maximize the use of your capital with on-demand reporting.

Get Paid Faster

Turn slow risky checks into fast digital payments. Funds are guaranteed when the payment is generated. Not only do suppliers get paid faster, they get paid every time.

Latest Accounting Package Integrations

Never write a check again

You have better things to do than write checks. You already accept digital payment for what you sell – with BluePenguin Payments, you can pay digitally for the things you buy to make your business hum.

Who We Serve


Take the friction and waste out of your A/P processes with fast digital payment solutions from BluePenguin Payments.


Never chase another check. BluePenguin Payments modernizes your A/R so you get paid faster. And faster is better.


Turbocharge your customers’ relationships and business sales with BluePenguin Payments embedded solutions.